Meet The Little Women Who Perform As Mini Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus

A little talent goes a long way!

If you’ve seen an episode of Little Women: LA, you’ll know these ladies are small on size, but big on personality (and if you haven’t watched the show, we suggest you catch up quick!).

Two members of the Little Women Squad, Terra Jole and Elena Gant, make a living using their height as an advantage: by impersonating celebs as their own “mini versions”.

Terra has spent years starring as Mini Britney Spears in a Vegas show called “Little Legends”, and in 2009, she ventured into impersonating (Little) Lady Gaga.

Speaking of the difference between both acts, Terra told LA Times:

“It’s different. Lady Gaga has a stronger range. It is a larger challenge for me. Britney Spears is mainly dance. And Gaga is very mocking and doing a lot of facial probing. It was hard. But it was a cool transition.”

Here’s Terra in her signature Brit look:

And the iconic ‘Slave 4 U’ costume:

Mini Britney Slave #flashback #minibritney #terrajole #slave #snake @britneyspears

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Can’t have a Britney show without a little ‘…Baby One More Time’:

Mini K-Fed even makes an occasional appearance:

#minibritney #beachersmadhouse 2014 year of the little people In vegas @weematt6969 !

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Plus, Terra makes a great Gaga:

Oh, and did we mention she’s impersonated Miley?:

And was one of the dancers during Miley’s Bangerz tour:

Elena, who is originally from Russia, moved over to the States to pursue a career in showbiz – and with her skills, we don’t blame her!

Here’s Elena as Miley:

And Gaga:

Elena’s usual performance joint is Beacher’s Madhouse in Vegas. As if that didn’t sound whacky enough, there’s also a huge (fake, obviously) elephant that “shoots little people out of its butt” when customers order expensive alcohol.

Whatever floats your boat, we guess…

Here’s a vid of Elena nailing a performance of ‘Poker Face’:

Check out Little Women: LA | Wednesdays 9.30pm

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