Tom Brady Finally Ate the One Thing He Said He’d Never Eat — And Here’s Video Proof

NFL superstar Tom Brady conquered his fears and ate a strawberry — on TV, no less!

Well, it happened. Tom Brady, self-professed passionate strawberry hater, finally ate a strawberry. The New England Patriots quarterback and author of The TB12 Method accepted a challenge from The Late Show host Stephen Colbert, opting to take a bite of the luscious fruit on TV for all of us to see. But not before obvious hesitation.

“I hate strawberries! I hate the smell of strawberries,” Brady told Colbert. He had never eaten a strawberry before and, according to a 2016 interview with New York Magazine, “had no desire to do that.” But Colbert persisted: “I’ll rub your arm while you eat a strawberry,” he told a visibly not super into it Brady. “Why won’t you eat a strawberry?”

Brady insisted the stench of the berries was really turning him off. “That’s springtime, Tom,” Colbert quipped. Then, Brady conquered his fears and sunk his football player teeth into a seedy strawberry.

His final verdict? “Not that bad… I did it. Mom, are you proud of me?”

After swallowing his first bite, Brady was challenged to indulge in yet another thing he rarely ingests: beer! Press play below to watch him chase his first bite of spring with a gulp of brew (actually, it was an entire pint but he’s Tom Brady).

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