Gigi Hadid Combined Three Viral Beauty Trends Into One Look

And, her makeup artist used drugstore products to achieve it.

Just when we thought that rainbow makeup was starting to lose its momentum, Gigi Hadid gave us a fun new way to interpret the look. This past weekend, Maybelline Global makeup artist Erin Parsons shared a behind-the-scenes shot of her latest creation on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills daughter during a Maybelline shoot. And all we can say is: this is exactly what we’d wear to a neon carnival filled with unicorn rides. (Translation: it’s awesome.) 

Gigi’s right eyelid is layered with royal blue, red-orange, and fuschia, and then finished with a lime green dot beneath her waterline. Her left eyelid has horizontal stripes of yellow, lime green, and purple, and is finished with an orange dot under her waterline.

Along with rainbow-bright hues, we also spotted the use of two other viral trends: color blocking and dot liner. The addition of these techniques are what really take the rainbow effect to another level. In the BTS shots, we can also see that Gigi even has a fun rainbow manicure to match her colorful look.

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Parsons, who also happens to be the mastermind behind Gigi’s recent grey lip, joined the Maybelline team this past June. Already, she is serving us some beyond fierce Maybelline creations. This is just another example of the magic of drugstore products.

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