Kylie Jenner’s Handbag Closet Is Probably Worth More Than Your Home

It's what fashion dreams are made of, this closet.

Kylie Jenner, can we move into your handbag closet? Please?

The new mom just posted a mirror selfie from her closet devoted just to designer bags, and this photo is proof that owning the Kylie Cosmetics empire of lip kits and brushes is absolutely paying off.

Jenner’s closet is a thing of beauty, with rows of Hermès Birkin bags in every color, Gucci logo bags, Louis Vuitton duffels, Chanel purses, and more. Remember, a single Hermès Birkin starts at nearly $10,000, and People magazine estimates that there are more than $250,000 worth of bags in just one of Jenner’s photos. (For a comparison, Zillow estimates the median price of a home in the U.S. is $207,600.)

Jenner captioned her photo with the word “Options,” and she definitely has options with a collection like this.


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Jenner’s interior designer Martyn Bullard just posted another stunning photo of the closet too, explaining his design process behind the scenes.

Bullard lined the closet with mirrors, then added his own shimmery wallpaper on the ceiling and a glamorous rock crystal chandelier. His caption? “Every girl’s dream, and a few boy’s too!”

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