Cassidy’s Travel Diaries: Where To Eat, Drink and Snorkel in Fiji

Bravo NZ host Cassidy Morris rounds up 13 days in paradise.

Cassidy Morris FIji

I’ve been going to Fiji since I was 4 years old. I go back there every year with my family, usually in July or September to escape the cold weather, so it’s become a bit of a tradition.

This time around I stayed at Denarau Island, off the west coast, for 13 days in June with my boyfriend and family. Were so lucky with the weather, it was stunning the entire time (27-28 degrees!).

Here’s a quick round up from my trip—and a few tips for anyone travelling to Fiji for the first time.

Packing Recommendations
I always overpack, but it should be a no-brainier. You really don’t need a lot: a pair of shorts, a couple of nice dresses if you want to go out, togs, a hat and a book. They’re definitely my Fiji go-tos.

Where to Stay
I stayed at the Wyndam Resort Denarau Island. It has a real beachy vibe with cabanas and pools and palm trees. The rooms also have their own private kitchen, so it’s almost like an apartment.

It’s a very family orientated resort, and I went there for a big family holiday—there were 32 of us in total from my dad’s side. If you have a big group it would be great, but if you want more of a couples’ vibe I would recommend going to the outer islands.

Essential Activities
We went to Malamala Beach Club for snorkelling for a day, which was definitely the highlight. You go out in the middle of the ocean on a boat, and they provide everything. There are so many small fish to see. They’re so bright and colourful. But I don’t know what they are!

The only downside was while we were snorkeling we all got attacked by sea lice. We got out of the water and I was like, “Oh my god!” Minus the sea lice, it was beautiful.

We also went stand-up paddle boarding at Malamala, which was probably the most active thing I did. My paddle boarding tip is to start off on your knees and lift yourself up. Get your position and balance right on the middle of the board, then you should be good to go.

I also recommend going to the other islands while you’re in Fiji, just because you get the true experience—the blue water, the white sand.

Credit: Malama Beach Club

Where to Eat and Drink in Denarau
One of my favourite places I always go to is Cardo’s, which is at the Port Denarau Marina. I love their papaya salad. You have to make the most of the beautiful fruit and fresh seafood while you’re there.

The restaurant at the resort I was staying at, Seaside, had these incredible honey and soy Thai spring rolls and I’d get those every time, and the sliders were amazing too.

Cassidy Morris Fiji

I also loved getting cocktails by the pool at the Wyndam. I would always get a mojito or a Moscow Mule, which is my favourite LA drink. I had another called the Fijian, a kind of tropical punch with white rum, which was really good at the Seaside, and Cardo’s has incredible frozen slushy mojitos.

We also stopped by Octopus Resort, and had a drink at the bar there. That had a really cool, authentic vibe. There were little huts and we literally got off the boat, had a drink and jumped back on.

Cassidy Morris Fiji

While most of my time was spent lounging around, it’s nice to do a walk through all of the resorts—and they’ve each got their own shops. There’s cute little bracelets and it’s a nice way to take home something memorable and authentic from Fiji.

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