19 Irish Celebs That’ll Make You Feel Lucky on St. Patrick’s Day

Lucky you…lucky us!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and we all have a lot to be feeling lucky about thanks to some of the hot men who’ve hailed from the Emerald Isle. Whether it’s the dreamy Irish accent that gets you excited or the devilishly handsome good looks, there’s something about men who call Ireland home that make them even more attractive.

While you prepare to celebrate the holiday in your best green ensemble—and so you don’t get pinched—grab some Irish whiskey, a green beer and your lucky charm and feast your eyes on our favorite thing about Ireland…the hunky men.

Over the years, Hollywood has been infiltrated by men from across the pond and we’re not mad about it. Actors like Michael Fassbender and bad boy Colin Farrell for example are exports of the lush and gorgeous land.

Who else do we have Ireland to thank for bringing into our lives? The super sexy Christian Grey AKA Jamie Dornan, that’s who!

Of course the music scene has also been influenced by some dreamy Irishmen including Hozier and former One Direction dreamboat Niall Horan.

There’s great Irish music, picturesque views for days and whiskey, lots and lots of whiskey that make us want to travel to Ireland, but it’s the men that reside there that have us wanting to book a trip ASAP.

Some of them might sport a kilt, and others might have accents so thick that we can barely understand them, but we still love them so, so much.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve rounded up the sexiest Irishmen that have taken over Hollywood recently for you to ooh and aah over so you’re welcome!

Source: E!

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