Ali Oetjen Picks a Winner on The Bachelorette Finale—But Plays Coy About What Happened Next

Ali Oetjen isn’t pulling a Honey Badger.

The 32-year-old Bachelorette Australia star confirmed that she will definitely choose one of the two finalists—Taite Radley, 28, or Todd King, 26—on the finale, but she left some confusion over what happens next.

During an appearance on The Kyle & Jackie O Show, Ali addressed speculation over new photos that show both Taite and Todd in Fiji where the new season of Bachelor in Paradise Australia is currently filming.

“There’s so many rumours going around about the final two, we just saw them in Fiji together,” Jackie probed. “What is that about?”

While Ali laughed, “I don’t know!” she went on to say, “I can definitely tell you that I do pick someone.”

Bachelorette Australia, Ali Oetjen

But when asked about another ensuing rumour that she gets rejected by her chosen winner on-site, Ali replied, “That’s a theory that you’ll just have to tune in tonight to see.”

She also failed to confirm if she is currently in a relationship, admitting only that she’s really happy with her life right now.

“I’m very happy. I just feel at peace, calm and content, it’s very nice,” she told Courier Mail recently. “I can’t really hide that I’m very happy.”

Ali previously told Bravo that she wasn’t required to choose a Bachelorette winner in her contract.

“It’s all in my control,” she told us. “If I didn’t have feelings for them, or if I didn’t fall in love, I wouldn’t pick someone for the sake of it.”

And she also admitted that if her Bachelorette relationship doesn’t pan out she’s done with the franchise for good.

“There isn’t anything else for me to do,” she said. “I really hope the buck stops here and there’s my happily ever after.”

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