American Idol Judges Trusted America’s Vote For Latest Eliminations

Not every contestant can make it through to every round of American Idol. 

That’s just the cold hard truth of the competition, and as sad as the judges were to see Uche and Dimitrius Graham go last night, they don’t regret not using their saves on the two singers, even after they saved them going into the top 10. 

“It was the right answer,” judge Lionel Richie told E! News after the show. “It was the right decision because of the fact that we want to hold that vote for something that really comes up. It was difficult. We love them so much. It’s family now, but we have to make those decisions.” 

“We have to also trust what America is voting for in some ways, because we did save them,” added Katy Perry, who was dressed like Ursula for the Disney-themed night. “They were voted out last week, and we can’t keep saving them, and also, we just want to hold that vote. We’ll see. Maybe next week, we’ll need it.” 

Uche and Dimitrius seemed to understand the decision, and have big plans to take over the world anyway. 

“Like Dimitrius Graham and Uche, this will not be the last of both of us. We’re super excited. We’re super grateful. We’re super blessed. This was a fun journey. This was a fun experience. The top eight, they’re great. They’re phenomenal people. We wish the best for everybody. We’re feeling good about it.” 

“They’re family,” Uche adds of the remaining contestants, before closing things out with a quote from an American Idol champion. 

“We’ll let Jesus take the wheel.” 

Take a look at who did make it to the Top 8 below! 

American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m 

Source: E!

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