Bachelor In Paradise’s Vanessa Sunshine Also Knew About Nick Cummins’ Intentions

Fans were stunned when Nick Cummins decided to leave both Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman without a rose in The Bachelor Australia season 6 finale.

But, as Brooke Blurton revealed in episode 2 of Bachelor In Paradise Australia, Nick had already warned her off-camera about his decision to pick no one.

As it turns out, even BIP star Vanessa Sunshine (who first appeared on Nick’s season) was aware of the Honey Badger’s intentions.

“I already knew,” the legal secretary told Bravo. “[Brooke] told me after filming.”

Vanessa first suspected Nick would leave the series a single man when she joined him on a group camping date.

“Look, I wasn’t surprised because I already knew that when I left. I really thought that he was not going to pick anyone on that camping trip,” the 28-year-old told Bravo. “I really listened to my intuition. There was a conversation I had with Nick and he was like, why hasn’t it worked out in the past with other guys, and I said it’s because I can smell BS from a mile away. I was like, I know when I’m being played, I know when something’s up and I know when something is dodgy.”

“I pretty much told him to his face that I thought he was full of it. I don’t think he was very happy with that.”

Vanessa returned to TV screens for Bachelor In Paradise, but was eliminated in the first rose ceremony. And while her exit was “disappointing in that moment”, she bounced back quickly.

“I’m a very logical person, so I realised it was obvious I would be going home,” the Melburnian told Bravo. “There was no one that I was really into romantically, and none of the guys were into me either.”

Bachelor in Paradise Australia airs Tuesdays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on Bravo.

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