Married at First Sight Virgin Matthew Debuts New Beard, New Reason for Fans to Froth

It’s been a big week for Matthew.

The Married at First Sight Australia star got “married” on Sunday night’s episode, slept in a bed with a woman for the first time and now he’s showing off a very grown-up new look.

The 29-year-old videographer made an appearance on the Today Show Monday morning, where he sported a thick new layer of scruff and opened up about his virginity.

“For so long, it was something that I was scared of and ashamed to admit and embarrassed to tell people,” Matthew said on the breakfast show. “The more I hid from it, the bigger the fear got and the more embarrassed I became, and speaking about it sort of releases its grip and suddenly it gets easier and easier to talk about it.”

Fortunately, when Matthew told his bride Lauren about his sexual status following their nuptials she was supportive and encouraging.

“I knew it would say a lot about her as a person based on her reactions,” Matthew told Today. “And her reaction was great.”

And although Lauren, 31, didn’t appear with him on the couch, the groom assured hosts Georgie Gardner and Deb Knight that she just “had to work and couldn’t make it”.

Fans were quick to rally behind the wholesome Queenslander after his MAFS debut, praising his honesty and ripped physique.

Married at First Sight, Matthew, Lauren

In addition to lovebirds Lauren and Matthew, Sunday night’s episode saw the pairing of Elizabeth and Sam who, regretfully, got off to a much rockier start when Sam declared his bride was “bigger” than the girls he usually dates.

“I wanted someone who was honest. I wanted someone who was upfront and genuinely there for good reasons with no ulterior motives,” she told Bravo. “[Sam] was a dud.”

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