Nick Cummins Says His Family “Didn’t Know” What The Bachelor Australia Was When He Signed Up

While we’re glued to every second of The Bachelor AustraliaNick Cummins‘ family hasn’t always watched the show—or even known what it’s about.

Speaking to Bravo, the Honey Badger revealed how his loved ones reacted to his new role.

“Sisters—shocked,” he said. “Brothers and old man didn’t know what it was and they thought it’d be awesome to get a few dates, meet a few nice birds and kiss a couple.”

Nick has caught up with his family since filming the series, but said he was careful not to share any spoilers with them.

“I’ve only seen them briefly, but you’re not allowed to tell anyone anything,” he says. “They know the basic gist of the whole experience of going on dates and meeting women and learning about them. And the whole process of elimination with roses and things like that. They’re up to speed with that much, anyway.”

The former Wallabies player, who was raised in Queensland’s Logan, is one of eight siblings, who have experienced a series of hardships.

In 2013, their dad Mark was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and was told he had just years to live. Sydney-based Nick says he was able to check on his dad during a brief stop during The Bachelor’s whirlwind publicity tour.

“I saw him for about 20 minutes when I flew into the Goldie. Obviously, we were pretty flat out with the publicity stuff, so you don’t get much time to do anything,” he said. “But I had a chat to him for about 20 minutes. He seems to be in good spirits, he was awake—which was positive. Usually he seems pretty tin fruited by night time. But yeah, he’s going alright.”

The Bachelor Australia airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8.30pm on Bravo.

Source: E!

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