What Really Led to Alex and Richie’s Heated Bachelor In Paradise Australia Fight

Alex Nation is returning to the Bachelor franchise—and so is her ex Richie Strahan.

Alex told Bravo that she had no idea that Richie would be joining her on the second season of Bachelor In Paradise Australia.

“I really didn’t think that he’d do Paradise,” the Melbourne reality star said. “It was a big surprise walking in and seeing his face and curly blonde hair. He looked great, which was annoying. He looked very attractive.”

Alex and Richie split in 2017 after falling in love during the 2016 season of The Bachelor Australia. The pair are set to butt heads about why they broke up in a nine minute unedited confrontation on BIP.

Single mum Alex told Bravo that she instigated the heated conversation with her Perth co-star.

“I’d been in paradise and I’d chatted to a few people and got a bit of Dutch courage. I felt like I needed to nip it in the bud and take him away for a chat because he wasn’t coming over to me anytime soon,” she said. “If you can think about what it would be like if you hadn’t seen your ex for a year and a half and you didn’t deal with things properly the first time…Seeing that person [made] all of those emotions come to the surface. It’s quite an emotional conversation.”

But as to who comes out on top after their discussion, Alex remained coy.

“I think that’s something I’ll have to leave it up to you guys to see who comes out fairly,” she said. “I leave that chat feeling like there is closure.”While Alex went into Bachelor In Paradise with an open mind, there were three former contestants she hoped to meet.

Brooke [Blurton] was my number one. She was someone I was really keen to get to know in paradise,” she said. “I also wanted to see Todd King because I thought he was just such a hottie. And James Trethewie. James is just too pure for this earth. He’s the nicest guy, he’s the best.”

Bachelor in Paradise Australia airs Tuesdays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on Bravo.

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