Rhiannon Reveals How The Bachelor Australia Actually Compares to UnREAL

It’s fair to say The Bachelor Australia producers are getting a lot more airtime this season.

When Tenille Favios ripped off her microphone and fled the cocktail party on September 11’s episode, a producer chased her down to console her. And, after Rhiannon Doherty’s awkward attempt to kiss Nick Cummins on a single date, her emotional debrief with a producer made it to air.

Speaking to Bravo after her elimination, Rhiannon addressed the role producers play on the show—and how they connect with contestants.

“Because the producers are always around we definitely—not build a friendship—but get to know them, and they open up about their lives,” she says. “They’re not all bad.”

The Bachelor Australia, Rhiannon

The 28-year-old has mixed feelings about the fact her conversation with a producer about her failed kiss being “f—ing awkward” was shown.

“After about a minute of speaking with the producer, I did see the cameraman pop around the corner. I was a bit upset at the time because I just knew in my gut they were going to use that-because perfect TV,” she tells Bravo. “But once it was on air, I was OK with them showing it because at least it showed me acknowledging the situation was awkward and talking about it, and not just me thinking, ‘Yeah, that was a great date.'”

The Bachelor Australia, Rhiannon, Nick Cummins

Many fans pointed out the similarities between Wednesday’s cocktail party and an episode of fictional drama series UnREAL, which saw a reality TV contestant flee a rose ceremony.

Rhiannon has watched the Lifetime series (which was inspired by The Bachelor) and noted the parallels to her own experience.

“I actually saw one episode before I went on the show, and went, ‘No I’m not doing this to myself.’ And then I watched a couple when I got out and was like, ‘Oh this is just stupid, why are you doing this?'” the sales representative says.

The Bachelor is similar having the producers there at the cocktail parties and always being there to talk to you. And it was very similar having them run around. But then obviously [UnREAL] is very dramatised as well.”

While she failed to find love on The Bachelor, Rhiannon reveals she is now seeing someone.

“I’m still single, but I’ve met someone and it’s really early stages. I’m just cruising and seeing where it goes,” she says.

But how does he compare to the Honey Badger?

“He looks very different to Nick,” she says with a laugh. “Different hair. Let’s just leave it at that.”

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