The Cruel Insult You Didn’t Hear on The Bachelor Australia

Is this the nastiest season of The Bachelor Australia ever?

Speaking to Bravo after her elimination, Blair Thomas revealed there were even meaner moments between contestants that didn’t make it to air.

“I don’t even know if I can rank them,” she says. “Maybe when Romy called Cayla the girl from The Ring?”

The PE teacher also claims Romy stole one of the moves she had planned to try on Nick Cummins.

“I told Romy I was going to give Nick a flower and show him something from the kids at school, then she turned around and did my idea after I told her about it,” the 27-year-old says. “That obviously ticked me off and made me very annoyed and was the tipping point of when I started to get annoyed at Romy.”

On episode 5, Blair was involved in a heated argument with Romy after she called out the photoshoot director for criticising Cass to Nick’s sister. Jewellery designer Cat was shown laughing from the sidelines in the living room.

Blair believes the duo are the only two contestants that signed up for The Bachelor for the wrong reasons.

“I feel like just those two are the only ones that want any type of attention,” she says. “They don’t mind if it’s negative or positive. Any attention’s good attention.”

Political advisor Alisha, along with Cat and Romy, are often called “the snakes” or “the tripod” within the mansion.

Asked if there are any other names to describe the alliance, Blair tells Bravo, “I could probably say one, but I’m not too sure if I’m allowed to. It starts with a ‘B’.”

“The things that they chose to do are completely their choice and the way that they are portrayed is exactly the way that they are,” she adds.

And while Romy accused Brittany of joining The Bachelor Australia to launch her acting career, Blair has nothing but kind words about the 30-year-old frontrunner.

“I don’t share that opinion because I can see Romy constantly pointing her finger at other people, just trying to shift the blame from her to anybody else,” Blair says. “Brittany was a really nice girl and she’s a very intelligent girl as well.”

As for who she predicts will win, the Queenslander has a few favourites.

“I not going to put all my eggs in one basket,” Blair says, “so I’m going to go Brittany, Sophie and Emily.”

Game on!

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