5 Of The Greatest Love Stories Of All Time

Tissues at the ready!

Whether you admit it or not, we all get sucked into a good love story. There’s something enticing about dramatically forlorn lovers, or steamy, forbidden romps. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that John Cusack isn’t standing outside our windows with a boombox, declaring his love; or the fact that we don’t get flowers and chocolates delivered on the reg – but hey, at least we can live vicariously through others.

Since we’re such suckers for love, we decided to compile a list of our favourite on-screen and off-screen couples who make us wish our lives were fairy tales, too.

1). Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater from ‘Titanic’

No line breaks our hearts quite like the words “I’ll never let go, Jack”.

It’s been over 20 years since we bawled our eyes out in ‘Titanic’, and it still lives up to its name as one of the greatest love stories of all time.

When Rose (a first-class traveller) meets Jack (a poor artist) onboard the Titanic, she’s being forced to marry another man to save her family’s finances. Upset by the engagement, Rose attempts to commit suicide by jumping ship and is ultimately saved by Jack and the two pursue a secret romance.

Who could forget the iconic scene where Jack paints Rose “like one of his French girls”, or that tantalising moment where the two make love in a random car? This love story is nothing short of steamy but since all good things come to an end, the lovers were torn apart by the imminent sinking of the ship, where Jack is left to die.

We’re still convinced he could’ve fit on that floating door, but we’ve been too busy blubbering over the ill-fated lovers to create a decent argument.

2). Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser from ‘Outlander’

Nothing tastes better than forbidden fruit, and Outlander’s provocative romance between Claire (a time-travelling nurse from WWII) and Jamie (an 18th-century Highlander) is no exception.

When Claire falls through some magic stones in the 1940s, she’s transported to 1743 where she meets the super-hot, very Scottish Jamie. The catch? Claire’s already married to someone in her present-day life, but follows her heart and decides to stay in the past with Jamie.

But it doesn’t end there: Claire falls pregnant to Jamie and travels back to the present day (cue: ALL. THE. DRAMA.)

In the most recent season of Outlander, Claire is forced to deal with the repercussions of her several-year-absence and the fact that she’s suddenly got a bun in her oven. Meanwhile, Jamie is forced to fight seemingly impossible wars – both on the land and in his heart. This show is always guaranteed to give your heart strings a good tug, and season three is going to be no exception.

And for those who love a good binge watch (a.k.a. all of us), season three of Outlander will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD from March 7. Our friends at Sony gave us a sneak peek at the latest season, and we’re already hooked:

3). Heather and Terry Dubrow

Romance stories aren’t just limited to Hollywood storylines! Our very own celeb couple, Heather (The Real Housewives of Orange County) and Terry (Botched) are the definition of #RelationshipGoals.

The couple, who met on a blind date, have been married for nearly 20 years and are showing no signs of slowing down (or aging, but we suspect that might have something to do with the fact that Terry’s a cosmetic surgeon).

In an interview with Huffington Post, Heather explained the success behind their harmonious relationship: “As far as Terry and I go, I think the key is couple of things. Communication above all. We kind of merged our careers also, which has been kind of weird, but also exciting and fun. We have really blended our worlds together and we get to do really cool, interesting things together.”

How cute!

4). Ana Steele and Christian Grey from ’50 Shades Of Grey’

Okay… we admit isn’t exactly the most orthodox relationship out there, but Mr. Grey’s romantic gestures never fail to make us swoon.

When Ana meets Christian during a newspaper interview, the sexual tension between them is undeniable. Naturally, the pair embark on a whirlwind romance… with just one little catch: Christian is a huge (and we mean huge) fan of BDSM. He even has a ‘Red Room’ in his apartment dedicated to the pleasures of pain, which causes some friction for Ana (and not the good kind).

However, if you put aside all the toys that would make your grandma blush, there’s actually a very sexy love story underneath. It’s filled to the brim with more extravagant outings, exotic holidays and expensive gifts than a girl could possibly imagine (okay, maybe we’re being a bit materialistic here, but dreams are free)… Just watch out for those whips and handcuffs.

5). Bridget Jones, Mr. Darcy, Daniel Cleaver and Jack Qwant from ‘Bridget Jones’

We couldn’t resist adding a bit of humour to this list, and who better to express the comedic ups and downs of life than Bridget Jones?

Throughout the franchise, Bridget is constantly torn between three men: her misogynistic, but still somehow alluring boss, Daniel Cleaver, her awkward-yet-endearing family friend, Mr. Darcy, and Jack Qwant – a stranger who potentially knocked her up after a one night stand.

The series is full of oh-so-relatable failures, cringeworthy encounters and, most importantly, three grown men fighting over a woman (oh, what a dream!).

On the surface, this isn’t a typical love story, and there’s not always a happy ending, but as far as realistic renditions of romance go – Bridget Jones has got it nailed.

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