This Six-Year-Old Has Just Been Labelled The World’s Most Beautiful Girl… But People Are Worried About Her Safety

Sure, she's beautiful... but things could get scary.

She’s only six-years-old and she has amassed over half a million Instagram followers after being labelled the world’s “most beautiful girl” (a title previously held by Thylane Blondeau).

But not everything is as glamourous as it seems for Russian schoolgirl Anastasia Knyazeva…

Anastasia, also known as Anna, has an Instagram account which is run by her mother – and through her stunning looks, she’s managed to surpass some pretty big Hollywood names when it comes to followers. She gets an average of 100,000 likes per post.

Sure, Anna is gorgeous; she looks like a doll and is already prettier than we could ever dream of, but Anna’s mother has been accused of “exploiting” her daughter.

One Instagram user said it’s “dreadful that they’re even judging children’s looks at that age.”

Another said the whole title was a bad idea:“Talk about giving children a complex about their appearance by announcing the prettiest child. This causes anorexia and bulimia in children.”

Others are worried Anna is now a target for online predators.

Some commenters are urging Anna’s mum to grow her daughter’s bangs out so she “looks older”, while others believe she shouldn’t be posting pictures of her young daughter at all.

See some more of Anna’s photos below and decide whether her mum is making the right decision:

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