Could This Be The 2018 Line Up For Dancing With The Stars New Zealand?

A new season has just been announced... but who will star in it?

With the recent news that ‘Dancing With The Stars New Zealand’ is returning to Three, there’s plenty of hot contenders out there to fill the dancefloor… but who will be chosen?

Here’s a list of some potential candidates:

1). Ling and Zing

Would they dance together, or in two different duos? Who knows, but we do know it’d be a cracking watch.

2). Matilda Rice

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We’d love to see this Kiwi darling getting her groove on (in between all that wedding planning, of course).

3). Lacey Swanepoel

Natural is my favourite #LessIsMore #CasualLook

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Her marriage may not have worked out, but this could be a decent back-up.

4). Guy Williams

…if he can find a dance partner tall enough.

5). John Key

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Let’s be honest – we’d all love to see this.

6). Naz Khanjani

Perhaps Naz would like to put her fingers in another reality tv pie?

7). Zac Franich

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Zac + a tux + some sweet dance moves = swoon.

8). Shaun Johnson

Shaun’s footy career surely has provided him with enough fancy footwork for this!

9). Kanoa Lloyd

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We think Kanoa would be a pretty good dancer (and would look ah-mazing in some of those dresses).

10). Julia Sloane

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Well… dreams are free!

11). Rachel Hunter

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NZ’s original starlet could make another comeback on ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

12). Michael Galvin

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Who wouldn’t want to see Chris Warner tearing up the d-floor?

13). Hannah Howley

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She may not have won The Bachelor, but she could win this!

14). Valerie Adams

So long as she doesn’t shot-put her partner across the floor (just kidding, we love you Val!)

15). Kimberley Crossman

She’s been making waves overseas, but this could be a great opportunity for Kim to return to our shores.

Disclaimer: we’re not saying any of these people will actually appear on the new season of ‘Dancing With The Stars’, but we think this list would make some pretty entertaining viewing.

Let us know in the Facebook comments who you’d like to see boogie it up!

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