5 Things You Need To Know About The New Melbourne Housewife, Venus Behbahani-Clark

Welcome to Planet Venus.

The newest season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne is just around the corner – and there’s two new ladies in the mix (so you can expect some major drama to go down, naturally).

One of these ladies is Persian princess Venus Behbahani-Clark, who works as a lawyer, focusing on commercial litigation – so don’t try to say she’s just a “pretty face”!

Here’s five fast facts about this glam newcomer:

1). Her husband proposed to her after three dates

Venus is married to English businessman James Clark, who she met in Dubai. After just three outings together, James flew from Miami to Venice with a diamond ring in tow to make her his wife. That’s commitment!

2). She has her own beauty company

Venus is the owner of Venus Cosmetics, a makeup company with a vision to “liberate women and inspire confidence from within.” Venus Cosmetics currently only sells lip products, but they’re the perfect solution to nailing that signature pout Venus rocks.

3). She has two daughters

Venus has two little girls: Giselle (7) and Sophia (3) from a previous relationship, but they both live with her and her current hubby James in Melbourne. Venus often posts pics of the pair on Instagram, and they’re too cute for words!

4). She considers herself to be a “trendsetter”

We can’t argue with that one – just take a look at some of her wardorbe! We need her as our stylist ASAP.


5). She’s a ‘Lady’

Move over Scott Disick, there’s new royalty coming through. Reports indicate that Venus and James bought the titles of ‘Lord and Lady’ online, but Venus insists this is untrue. “It’s not bought, it was handed down to my husband from his grandfather directly; it skipped his father,” she told News.com.au. “It’s an aristocratic formality. It’s not like we go around calling ourselves lord and lady.”

To see the enigma that is Venus Behbahani-Clark in action, catch The Real Housewives of Melbourne | Tuesday 9 January, 8.30pm.


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