Dancing With The Stars NZ: Thousands Sign Petition To Bring Back Suzy Cato

But will it work?

Suzy Cato Dancing With The Stars

Suzy Cato was sent home during Monday night’s shock elimination on Dancing with the Stars NZ, but her fans are already calling for a comeback.

Thousands have rallied behind the former children’s television host by signing an online petition calling to “get Suzy Cato back on Dancing with the Stars NZ” in the place of ACT party leader David Seymour.

To date, 2,715 fans have signed the petition, with a final target of 5,000 signatures.

“Suzy Cato was unfairly voted off Dancing with the Stars New Zealand on June 11, 2018,” the page created by a user named J&N reads. “This petition is to change this and vote David Seymour off in her place.”

Lani @fast_times_in_tahoe bringing the bounce this weekend ❤️💙💚💗

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Suzy and her partner Matt Tatton-Brown were the sixth couple eliminated from the hit show after losing their elimination dance-off against actress Shav Raukere.

Devastated fans shared their messages of support for the former Suzy’s World presenter, citing her dancing skills and professionalism.

“Suzy deserves to be there! She accepted her defeat with respect and professionalism. Bring back Suzy!” one fan wrote, while one shared: “Suzy is a wonderful dancer who puts everything into her routines each week”.

“There needs to be more emphasis on dancing ability and less on public voting. Suzy deserves to be there way more than others and shouldn’t have gone this week,” another wrote.

But the beloved TV host says David earned his place in the competition—and deserves to stay.

“David deserves to be there just as much as I do. He is putting the effort in and he is getting the votes,” Suzy told Stuff.co.nz. “He’s got a huge youth following and of course, the whole Epsom, and if you are getting the votes then you deserve to be there. And actually, he is taking the negative hits very well.”

Who dat smooth operator? @robertrakete @dwts_nz

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Fighting back tears after her elimination on Monday, Suzy told fans: “I have had an amazing time, it is an amazing whanau we have here. It has been a journey and for everyone at home too. Also to be able to dance for The Mental Health Foundation. Hey guys, thanks. I guess it’s see ya see ya later.”

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