Fans Think ‘MAFS Australia’ Groom Sean Thomsen Is Going Through A Gender Transition

One of the more interesting stories in MAFS history...

Just because ‘Married At First Sight: Australia’ is over, doesn’t mean the gossip has to stop!

Fans of the show are now jumping to the (somewhat ridiculous) assumption that Sean Thomsen is transitioning into a woman.

Sean was originally paired with Blair, but revealed a new relationship with Tracey after the show ended – and has received a fair bit of social backlash for his appearance in the reunion show.

Fans initially drew comparisons with chat show host Ellen DeGeneres when he appeared on the final episode with bleach blonde hair (and don’t get us started on that gold jacket)!

This comparison had fans start questioning Sean’s sexuality on his Instagram posts (which we won’t post here, because they’re too nasty and bullying is NOT okay).

The comments were strong enough that Sean felt the need to speak out:

“I thought it was funny too, then several months later the trolling began,” he said, after photos of his head were being replaced with Ellen’s.

Happy Spring Break, Everybody.

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The trolling got so bad that it even affected his new girlfriend Tracey’s outlook: “She was upset, but 
I was more amused.”

Luckily, Sean can hold his head high and think he’s looks nothing like a female:

“I’m the blokiest bloke I know,” he laughed “And I’m certainly not transitioning to a woman!”

<Well, that clears up that bogus rumour!

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