Local Host Cassidy Tries Out Some Questionable Interview Tips While Chatting To Lucy Lawless

Welcome to the Pleasuredome!

Last week, the crew over at The Project (on Three) enlisted our very own Local Host to help ’em out with an interview for NZ’s biggest musical at the moment: Pleasuredome.

The team on The Project desk (Kanoa Lloyd, Jesse Mulligan and Josh Thomson) are seasoned presenters, so they gave our girl Cassidy some hot tips ahead of her big chat with Pleasuredome lead/major superstar Lucy Lawless… and while some of them were great advice, some of their tips had us scratching our heads over their legitimacy, but either way, Cassidy took it and nailed it.

Watch the vid above, and catch Pleasuredome while it’s still playing in Auckland (trust us, it’s amazing!).

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