Meet The Controversial Couples Giving Love A Second Chance On ‘Back With The Ex’

What happens if the love of your life was the one that got away?

What happens if the love of your life was the one that got away?

‘Back With The Ex’ follows four brave singles as they put their hearts on the line to reunite with the ex they’ve never forgotten.

The former couples will turn back time and revisit every aspect of their relationship in a final bid to find out if their ex was the right one for them after all.

Each of these couples – all exes – are getting a second chance at love.

Jeremy & Meg

The Sydney couple met at a house party as teenagers when Meg’s good looks piqued Jeremy’s interest.

“I remember thinking Meg was hot,” Jeremy, 28, recalls. “I did think I was punching above my weight.”

Sharing a good sense of humour and fondness for fun, builder Jeremy and Meg, a junior sales executive, hit it off immediately. With a mutual love of socialising, they dated on and off for seven years.

“Jeremy is a big ball of fun who makes you want to put all your worries aside,” says Meg, 26.

Things turned sour for the couple though when they started having more fights than fun.

“When things were good, they were really, really good, but when things were bad, they were really, really bad,” laments Jeremy.

After constant bickering, Jeremy ended their relationship abruptly when he decided to travel the world at 21.

“We broke up because I left to go to Europe, it was really sad the relationship ending,” reveals Jeremy.

Now the pair are keen to rekindle their love story and pick up the shattered pieces of their past relationship.

Four years on, Jeremy admits that Meg still ticks all the right boxes.

“She’s everything I want in a girl,” he says. “It was like dating one of my good friends. I just miss Meg. I want to be happy again with Meg if it happens like that.”

But will Meg be prepared to put the past behind her and give Jeremy another shot at love?

“My biggest fear would be that Jeremy will hurt me again,” Meg admits. “For us to fall back into that pattern of arguments and fighting would be the worst possible thing that could happen.”

Why do you still hold a flame for your ex?

Jeremy: “I felt loved. She made me feel loved.”

Meg: “Jeremy has a great attitude for life. If you want fun, he’s it.”

Peter & Diane

Locking eyes on each other from across the room, Peter and Diane’s first encounter in New Orleans could have played out like a scene in a romantic Hollywood film.

“Diane and I met on my first trip to the US which was back in 1988,” Peter, 58, recalls. “One night I saw her across the room…and we just started walking towards each other. It was an instant attraction!”

Diane, 51, corroborates Peter’s fairytale version of events, admitting she too fell head over heels in love with Peter when she was 21.

“It was romantic, it was intense, it was passionate, it was young love,” she smiles.

However, the happily ever after failed to eventuate as both struggled with the two-year- long distance relationship that followed their time together in the US.

“We were together remotely for two years; she was living in Florida and I was living in Sydney,” Peter, a health and fitness consultant, says. “But it was the tyranny of distance that put paid to our relationship at the time.”

Life went on for Peter and Dianne. They both married other people and had two children each. But Peter’s enduring love for the brunette real estate agent never waned.

“Diane and I wouldn’t have seen each other for close to 28 years and, during that whole time, there hasn’t been a day gone by that I haven’t thought about her,” he says.

Keen to put the pain of his divorce behind him and possibly recapture Diane’s heart, Peter is hopeful Diane will feel the same way about him almost three decades on.

While Diane, who divorced nearly nine years ago, is open to meeting Peter in Australia, she’s content with her single life in North Carolina.

“I am at that point in my life where if it is not incredible, I just don’t want it,” she reveals. “I have thought about what my life would be like if I’d hopped on a plane to Australia but a long time has passed and now I don’t think I know Peter very well at all.”

Why do you still hold a flame for your ex?

Peter: “From that first night with Diane in New Orleans an inner fire of desire was created that has never completely extinguished.”

Diane: “I fell for Peter. It was romantic, very exciting and there was a lot of chemistry.”

Erik & Lauren

Workaholic Erik was busy undertaking his second job as a freelance photographer for a nightclub, when he first noticed Lauren 11 years ago.

“She came up to me, she flirted a bit and attraction grew from there and ultimately we fell in love,” Erik, 37, recalls with a grin.

Lauren, 36, admits the spark was instant.

“Erik is the type of guy I usually go for…tall, dark and handsome.”

The Sydney couple enjoyed two amazing overseas trips together during their six-year courtship, including a romantic two-week jaunt to Tahiti and a memorable holiday to New York, LA and Vegas.

When reality set in though, the relationship was riddled with issues, with Erik, an IT manager, insisting the couple could only spend Sundays together due to his hectic work schedule.

“My work took preference and Lauren didn’t take that very lightly at all,” Erik says.

Lauren resented Erik for controlling their relationship and accused him of trying to manipulate her physical appearance.

“One year he gave me a birthday card with a cheque for $10,000 and, in the envelope, there was a breast argumentation brochure,” she recalls.

Embroiled in arguments over Erik’s domineering ways and inability to commit to the relationship, the attractive couple broke up six times before calling it quits for good six years ago.

“The sixth time we broke up was the biggest regret of my life,” Erik reveals.

Erik is keen to see if they can reconcile their differences. “Lauren crosses my mind daily. I miss her a lot. I don’t think there will be another one like her.”

But will Lauren be able to forgive Erik and give him another chance?

“I would like to think that he has matured,” she says. “But if Erik hasn’t changed I don’t see much of a future for us.

Why do you still hold a flame for your ex?

Erik: “I wake up after having dreams about her, about the conversations and memories we shared. Yes, there were bad times, but the good times were exactly that.”

Lauren: “I loved Erik so much for so long. Although my heart shut off and it’s been six years since we were together, I have always wondered, ‘What if?’”

Kate & Cam

Brisbane’s Kate and Cam first crossed paths at high school.

“The first time I saw Cam I remember being absolutely gobsmacked, thinking who is this guy?” admits beauty therapist Kate, 23.

Impressed by Cam’s wicked sense of humour and carefree attitude, Kate found his ‘weird as hell’ personality a real turn-on.

Cam’s admiration for Kate was mutual, with the bartender revealing he too had a huge crush on her.

“I thought she was the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen,” the 25-year-old gushes.

Finally gathering up the courage to ask her out a year-and-a-half later, the high school sweethearts were soon completely smitten.

“First love is definitely the one that hits you the hardest, there is nothing after that can ever compare,” Kate reveals.

The giddy loved-up couple would spend every waking moment together going on ‘adventures’ and sharing their hopes and dreams for the future.

Cam was a real Romeo and surprised Kate with a Fiji getaway for her 18th birthday and regularly scattered romantic love notes for her around her house.

The fairytale did not last however with both admitting that they started taking each other for granted towards the end of the seven-year- relationship.

Things went from bad to worse when Kate cheated on Cam after getting drunk at a party one night.

Unable to get over Kate’s infidelity, the couple broke up almost three years ago.

“Ultimately it did end because of the cheating,” Cam confirms.

Coming to the realisation recently that Cam was irrefutably her first true love, Kate is eager to find out if there is still something between them.

But can Cam get past the cheating and give their relationship another chance?

“I live by the motto forgive, never forget and I will always live by that,” Cam says.

Why do you still hold a flame for your ex?

Kate: “He was my best friend and best boyfriend I have ever had. I’ve never had as much fun, or felt as comfortable with someone than I have with Cam. He’s definitely my soulmate.”

Cam: “Even though we have gone through a really rough patch, she’s probably the most down to earth and honest girl I have ever met.”

Will these couples give love a second shot?

‘Back With The Ex’ continues this Sunday at 8.30pm on Bravo.

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