Meet Sally Bloomfield – The Other New Melbourne ‘Wife

There's a *new*, new 'Wife on the block!

This season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne is proving to be a real shake-up.

In episode one, we met the eccentric Venus Behbahani-Clark, and now we’re getting a taste of another new Housewife: Sally Bloomfield.

Sally is the former editor of Harper’s Bazaar and also co-owns an amazing homeware store called Bloomfield and Webber.

“If you’d asked me 12 months earlier whether this is something I’d be doing  now, I’d have said ‘not in 100 years’,” she’s said of the show to Geelong Advertiser.

“But I did make a new year’s resolution to say ‘yes’ more often.”

Sounds like a resolution we can get on board with!

Have a look at Sally’s introduction below, and catch her in action on Tuesdays at 8.30pm:

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