Nine Simple Tips to Take the Perfect Instagram Photos

Famed street style photographer Dan Roberts shares his ultimate Insta-hacks

Want to know how to take influencer-worthy Instagram shots? Street style photographer Dan Roberts is here to save the day!

Bravo NZ’s Cassidy Morris chatted to the Auckland-born snapper to find out exactly what you need to do to make your photos stand out in the grid.

“You’re never going to get a great photo if you’re wearing something that you put on because you think other people will like it,” the founder advises.

As for the background: “I’m all about the environment. That one frame where a car drives past and the colours are complementary [is great]. I’m always thinking about what’s happening around me.”

Check out all of his tips below and watch the video above to see the results in action!

  • Shoot vertical and full-length so you can see your whole outfit
  • Fill the frame, minimize the amount of space around the subject
  • Think about your background and reposition your model in order to maximise it
  • Add depth to the shot by standing several steps in front of the background. (Don’t stand hard up just against the wall)
  • Rules of selfies don’t apply. Don’t shoot at a high angle as it throws the proportions out, instead shoot straight or on a low angle
  • Add motion by walking or moving around. Clothing looks better with movement
  • Focus on the details. Take close up shots of accessories like jewellery, watches and bags.
  • Time of the day matters. Shoot early or late in the day for the best light. Aim for the golden hour – the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset.
  • Make sure your model is comfortable in the clothing they are wearing—you will always get a better shot

Learn more about Dan and the fashion world in the video below:

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