The 5 Wildest Looks From Glam Masters…So Far

You'll be blown away by every single one of these.

Four makeup artists and beauty influencers go head-to-head on Glam Masters each week, with a little help from their beloved contour kits, mascara and a lot of highlighter.

The contestants deliver jaw-dropping looks that challenge everything we thought we knew about makeup—and more.

We’ve rounded up five of the most memorable looks from the hit series so far. And, with new episodes of Glam Masters dropping on ThreeNow and Bravo weekly, we promise the best is yet to come.

1. Featuring an incredible gold leaf choker and matching brows, this look from episode one gets a gold star from us.


2. If you thought makeup was just for the face, think again. This avant-garde look was created to convey “pride” during episode one’s Seven Deadly Sins challenge, and the effortless purple shimmer across the neck got a special shout of from the judges.


3. Perhaps the most dramatic look we’ve seen so far, we can’t get over these larger than life lashes and bold use of colour. For those brave enough to try this look at home: make sure you take it all off before going to bed, otherwise you’ll definitely need a new pillow (and probably sheets).


4. Tasked with creating a look featuring all the colours of the rainbow, this look from episode three did not disappoint. The judges praised the flawless blending on the eyelids—and we’re already reaching for our palate to recreate it.


5. We’re taking a trip back to the future with this sci-fi inspired look. The brilliant highlighting and barely-there brows bring this to another dimension.



Stream Glam Masters on ThreeNow or watch it on Bravo Sundays at 7.30pm.

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