Introducing The Real HousePets of New Zealand—They All Need Homes!

You'll fall in love with all of them.

We’ve had The Real Housewives of Orange County, The Real Housewives of New York City and even the The Real Housewives of Auckland. 

And now, The Real HousePets of New Zealand will be your next Bravo obsession.

Okay, it’s not actually a new series. But online each week, we’ll introduce you to an adorable bunch of cats, dogs, bunnies and even the occasional farm animal currently housed at The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in cities across New Zealand.  Every pet featured is available for adoption.

So, meet your Real HousePets of New Zealand—with the perfect taglines to match. This week, they’re all from Auckland.

“I can dig you out of any drama.” – Lulu


Lulu is a 4-month-old puppy. She’s looking for a home with a confident leader who will help her grow up to be a great dog. If you have secure fencing (she can be very good at finding holes) and a big heart, she’d be the perfect addition to your family.

Lulu and her siblings were part of an unplanned litter and her owners could no longer look after them. She will be fine living with sensible children, or another dog or confident cat.

“I might look like a princess, but I’m actually a queen” – Honey


Daisy is a playful 2-year-old and is quite kitten-like. She loves nothing more than rolling around on her back in the sun. She enjoys affection on her own terms and likes the company of people. However, there’s times when Daisy can get a little carried away and has been known to play bite, so she’s best suited to an adult only home or family with teenagers.

Daisy and her kittens were brought into the SPCA because their owner could no longer take care of them. After being a wonderful mum, and raising her kittens in a foster home, Daisy has been waiting to find a loving forever home.

“They say eyes are the window to the soul. That was written about me.” – Quinta


Quinta is 5-month-old chocolate coloured pup with an adventurous spirit. She’s looking for a confident and reliable leader to take her home. She will be fine with sensible children and confident cats, but will need secure fencing.

Her family was part of a large, unplanned litter and their owner could no longer care for them.

“There’s no one sweeter than me.” – Honey


Honey is a sweet, independent, and friendly cat. A 2-year-old domestic short hair, she loves a gentle head scratch or chin rub. She’s not too fond of other felines though, so she must be the only cat in her home.

Due to her pure white colouring she is prone to sunburn and skin cancer, so will be best suited as an indoor only cat.

For more information about the pets available for adoption at the SPCA Auckland—or to take Lulu, Daisy, Quinta or Honey home, visit or call (09) 256 7300.

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