Meet The Real HousePets Of New Zealand—Including Two Cats Who’ll Melt Your Heart

Can you help them find a home?

The Real HousePets of New Zealand  just got five new cast members.

Say hello to John-Silver, Midnight, Lottie, and Hildy and Mina. Currently housed at different SPCA locations across New Zealand, these cuties are all available to adopt and are waiting patiently to find their new homes.

Check them out below—but prepare to fall in love with all of them!

“I’m the hidden treasure you’re looking for” — John-Silver

Long John Silver here! This 9-year-old long hair very friendly and affectionate, and he also loves being brushed and cuddled. He went to a wonderful foster family for a few weeks and there discovered that he’s sadly not too keen on young children and loud noises like vacuum cleaners. Because of this reason, he would prefer a home with no young children and reasonably quiet while he settles in. He’s still a little shy and needs some patience to overcome this when he finds  his forever home. John-Silver is available to adopt from the Ashburton Centre.

“My ears are always to the ground for drama” — Lottie

Lottie is a very sweet girl who is becoming smarter each day. She would really benefit from continuing training with obedience classes, to also bond with her new companion. Lottie is very friendly and loving, and enjoys meeting new people. She has a decent amount of energy so would benefit from lots of exercise or a job to do! If you are looking for a quirky, fun companion – contact the canine team at the Wellington Centre.

“There’s never been a more purfect pair” — Hildy and Mina

Hildy and Mina are looking for a very special home. They are the best of friends and would love to find a quiet home where they can stick together and find their confidence with the help of a kind and patient human. They would suit a home with no other animals and no young children so that they can feel comfortable enough to come out of their shell. Hildy (on the left) in particular is very, very shy and needs to be with Mina for confidence. Say hello to the pair at the Rotorua Centre.

“This isn’t just be puppy love”— Midnight

Midnight was a little lost pup who never got claimed. She’s a smart, 3-month-old Cattle cross puppy who is interested in everything and very keen to learn. She will make a great active family companion. Midnight is available to adopt from the Whangarei Centre.

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