Meet This Week’s Real HousePets of New Zealand—They’re Available to Adopt!

With the perfect taglines to match.

Last week, we introduced you to the Real HousePets of New Zealand, an adorable bunch of cats and dogs currently at SPCA who are looking for new homes.

And now, there are five more cuties we’d like you to meet, who are available for adoption: Sylvester, Bart, Kade, Twilight and Brody. So, if you’d like to add one—or more—furry friends to your family, look no further than these guys.

“Name a more iconic duo.” — Sylvester and Bart

5-month-old Sylvester was part of a large group of kittens found on a local property. He was quite shy when he came in, so was sent out to foster where he met his best friend Bart. They have come a long way and now find humans great to be around once they know they are the kind variety. Surely there is someone out there that would like two new family members? The pair are available to adopt from the Wellington Centre.

Kade is still a baby—cuddly and cute—but, like any baby, he need lots of time and attention. Just 2-months-old, Kade can’t stay home alone for more than a few hours (at least not for a few more months). He will probably chew up something you really love, until you teach him not to. Please don’t choose him unless you have plenty of time to teach him to be a good dog. Kade is available for adoption at the Kerikeri Centre.

“Watch out, Edward Cullen.” — Twilight

Approximately 5-years-old, Twilight is a shy girl and is looking for a patient home who will work with her while she learns to trust humans again. She spent some time at a foster home where she bonded with her foster dad and learned to love cuddles (when she’s not hiding under her blanket). She also likes to sit on laps as long as it is nice and quiet. She’s available to adopt from the Christchurch Centre.

Brody is 5-month-old “petting junkie” and was born to cuddle. You can take him anywhere with you, but he’ll be unhappy if he goes for long periods without company. He is snuggly and affectionate, but you’ll need to be able to tolerate lots of nudging and demands for attention. If ignored, he may bark at you or paw at you. Please don’t choose him if you need a dog who can stay outside alone for many hours each day. He’s available to adopt from the Kerikeri Centre.

For more information about the pets available for adoption at the SPCA —or to take Sylvester, Bart, Kade, Twilight or Brody home, visit or call 09 827 6094.

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