Say Hello To This Week’s Real HousePets of New Zealand

Take one home today!

If you’re thinking of adding a new furry friend to your family, look no further than this week’s HousePets of New Zealand.

Willis, Sugar, Rhea and Juliette are all currently housed at the SPCA and are looking for homes. Check out their descriptions—and Real Housewives inspired taglines—below!

“I’m picture purfect”- Willis

Willis is a sweet, Persian boy who can be a little bit shy when first meeting new people but once he has time to get to know you he is smoochy and friendly. Willis isn’t a big fan of being picked up and likes to receive his pats while he has all four paws on the ground. He loves any kind of attention that you can give him and is excited to meet his new family. Regular grooming is required for when his luscious locks grow back. Willis is available to adopt from the Auckland centre.

“Let’s play ball”— Rhea 

1-year-old Rhea is looking for an experienced German Shepherd owner to take her home. She really enjoy adventures! Swimming and chasing balls are some of her favourite things to do. Rhea can push boundaries, so consistency is a must. She doesn’t mind if you already have a dog, she just needs to be introduced properly. She gets very excited meeting new people and sometimes needs reminding that jumping up on people is not the best way to introduce herself. Secure fencing is essential. Say hello to Rhea at the Auckland Centre.

“I’m all sugar, spice and everything nice” — Sugar

Sugar is a little quiet and unsure of the world, so she will need some time to settle at home. Just give her a little time to find her paws! Once she feels comfortable, she will flourish in a family environment and will be a loving and loyal companion. Sugar, 1, best suited to a quiet, adult only home where she can build a close bond with her favourite humans. She’s had quite a tough time in life, and just needs a hero who can show her a happy and settled home. Could that be you? Please don’t worry if she tends to hide, that’s only so she can feel safe. Her confidence will build in time. Sugar is available to adopt from the Greymouth Centre.

“I’m the life of the party” — Juliette

If you have a house with lots of visitors, Juliette, 7, would love to be your “welcome waggin.” She’s a socialite and would be best suited to a home with an experienced Collie owner who understands the needs of her breed.

She a “petting junkie” and was born to cuddle, but if she doesn’t want to do something then she will display avoidance techniques. You can take Juliette anywhere with you, but she’ll be unhappy if she must go for long periods without your company. If ignored, she may bark at you or paw at you. Juliette is good at finding holes in fences, so secure fencing is a must before she comes home with you. She’s available to adopt at the Auckland Centre.

For more information about the pets available for adoption at the SPCA—or to take any of these cuties home—visit or call 09 827 6094.

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