Take Home One of This Week’s Real HousePets of New Zealand

They're all available for adoption from the SPCA.

Another week, another instalment of Real HousePets of New Zealand.  The are four more sweet faces currently at different SPCA locations across the country who are available for adoption. So say hello to our little friends!

“I’m as fresh as a Daisy”Daisy

Daisy is 3 months old and is looking for her forever home. She has just returned from foster care and is a playful and friendly wee kitten. Come and meet her today at the Dunedin Centre.

“You’ve got to risk it to get the biscuit” — Biscuit

Biscuit is a very sweet and friendly puppy who enjoys playing and running around. She is a quick learner who picks up new commands relatively easily, and she would love to go to puppy preschool to learn even more and be top of the class. Biscuit has lived with a calm older dog and has spent time with her littermates, but has not met cats or other small animals. She can be shy and tends to have a more submissive nature, so will need a patient and understanding home to help her grow in confidence—although she is getting braver and more socialable every day. She loves playing with other puppies but startles easily at loud noises and doesn’t like a lot of barking from other dogs. 3-month-old Biscuit is available to adopt from the Christchurch Centre.

“If you like the quiet life, then I’ll like you” — Rani

Rani is looking for a cosy home with amazing people to keep her company. She’s not too happy with all the recent changes in her life and finds everything a bit worrying. Rani appreciates the quiet life… warmth, blankets, sun, and gentle people to give her gentle pats. She has been around dogs and cats before, so might not mind companions, but the main thing is a quiet home with patient, kind people to make her feel safe. Rani is available to adopt from the Wellington Centre.

“Juno was an ancient Roman queen, and I definitely live up to my name” — Juno

Are you looking for a cute bundle of fun? Then Juno is the pup for you! Like all puppies, she is curious and loves to explore. She is good at finding holes in fences, so secure fencing is a must before she come home with you. Because Juno is only young, she will need you to stay home with her for at least part of the day. She won’t don’t mind if you already have a dog or confident cat, you will just need to introduce them properly. Juno is available to adopt from the Auckland Centre.

For more information about the pets available for adoption at the SPCA—or to take any of these cuties home—visit https://www.spca.nz/ or call 09 827 6094.

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