Meet This Week’s Real HousePets of New Zealand

Including one little pup with a big personality.

There are four new additions to the Real HousePets of New Zealand cast—and we guarantee you’ll love all of them.

Meet Bob, Alice, Jalen and Manook. These cuties are all currently available for adoption at the SPCA at various locations across New Zealand. And, if their photos aren’t adorable enough, they have very fitting tag lines to match their personalities. Check them out below!

“I’m purrfectly playful” — Alice

Sadly Alice could not stay with her family, so she’s now looking for a new home. She’s a bit wary around new people, so will need a calm home where she can feel secure and loved. Once she knows she is in a home where she is loved, she will be playful and loving and loads of fun. Alice is available to adopt from the Wellington Centre.

“I’m guaranteed to set tongues wagging” — Manook

Manook is an energetic busy body looking for an experienced owner to lead him. He’d be suited to an active household with lots of activities to keep him physically and mentally stimulated. He can push boundaries so clear rules will need to be put in place and the entire household will need to be consistent with training. Manook will be a good dog to take to agility classes or work on a farm with lots to do. He’s good at finding holes in fences, so secure fencing is a must before he comes home with you. Manook is currently at the Auckland Centre.

“Say hello to your little friend” — Jalen

Are you looking for a cute bundle of fun? Then Janel is the pup for you! Like all puppies he’s curious and love to explore. He’s good at finding holes in fences, so secure fencing is a must before he come home with you. Because Jalen is only young, he will need you to stay home with him for at least part of the day. Jalen won’t mind if you already have a dog or confident cat, you will just need to introduce them properly. Say hello to Jalen at the Auckland Centre.

“Bob’s your uncle, and he could be your cat too” — Bob 

Bob is a gorgeous long-haired boy. He can be a little shy at first but once he trusts you he is a real smoocher. He needs a quiet home and a family who’s willing to take the time to bring him around. Do you have the time to get to know Bob? You can’t adopt him from the Gore Centre

For more information about the pets available for adoption at the SPCA—or to take any of these cuties home—visit or call 09 827 6094.

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